What is a Business Mentor and Why You Could Benefit From Their Training?

Everyone knows that there are several types of mentors: personal, professional, career, health, sports, nutritional and, also, the business mentors. A Business Mentor can be described as a specialist in a particular subject or department or branch of activity. He usually has a fundamental characteristic that is the ability to share knowledge, information and experience. …

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A Few Tips to Be More Successful With Your Business Part 2

This is the part 2 of last week’s article: 6 – Networking The successful entrepreneurs have a great ability to develop profitable relationships. Participate in business events, conferences, seminars and use to interact with other entrepreneurs, with speakers, experts and people that you can learn, that you can support and that push you to achieve …

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Action Plan for your business

A Few Tips to Be More Successful With Your Business Part 1

The decision is not easy to make. We sometimes don’t feel ready, it gives us fear at the start because there are many things that we know, we do not know if our product is going to sell. Many things are that make us think twice before throwing us to create a company. If your …

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How much money can you generate with a mobile application?

You probably use a lot of free applications and very few paid ones. The majority of the people will first look for free applications before considering an alternative to payment. Some applications are popular and addictive, but the creators are yet to win real money from what they have developed. It is really hard to …

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Chasing Storms

This blog is a way for me to get back to the community. In this world, in order to succeed an entrepreneur must become a great marketer and understand how to sell their services and product. This site is here to help you achieve that through a series of resources such as articles, personalized consulting, courses and much more!

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