What Are The Many Advantages To Having Metal Roofing?

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zoom on a metal roof

In recent years, metal roofing is something that has grown in popularity, and the reasons for this is very clear. Metal roofing demand in Australia is definitely on the rise, and just last year, as a matter of fact. The metal roof demand did spike up to sales of 35% to 40% in the southeast region of the country. Metal, for this area, is considered to be the perfect roofing material to use because of the hot climate.

What are the many advantages of having metal roofing?

The answer is this. They are numerous. Metal roofing isn’t only the toughest of all roofing materials that are use today. They are also very durable, as well, also. These are qualities that anyone would want to have the roof that covers their home or business or both. Because metal roofing lasts a long time and is very strong. Simple as that. You cannot sugarcoat it. It is, what it is, and that is totally awesome as a form of number one roof for homes and office spaces everywhere.

Metal roofing also has the unusual ability to resist almost anything that comes its way. This means that it can withstand lots of different weather conditions, various insects, and also very strong winds. Because of many innovations that do now exist today, and which have been made in recent years, metal roofing is pretty much now able to be resistant to rust and corrosion. Metal roofing is a powerful roofing presence that can stand up against whatever nature sends its way. Because of this reality, metal roofing has a nice long life, and this nice long life can be up to over 40 years in expectancy.

Metal roofing does have many wonderful pros.

Some of these great advantages have already been shared here. However, if one were to elaborate further, these are some of the other things that make metal roofs excellent. They are no other than these. They are:

*Metal roofing is very light weight – This means what it says. Most varieties of metal roofs do weight in between just 50 to 150 pounds per square.

*Roofing installation can be done with speed and ease – The roofing installation of metal roofing can be installed quickly by a roofing contractor that is accomplished. This is because metal roofing materials do come available in multiple shingle sections. The other material choice for metal roofing is 12 to 36 inch wide panels.

*Metal roofing is fire resistant – Metal roofing is very noncombustible. Because of this fact, they have given a Class A fire rating, which means it is the most resistant to fires breaking out.

*Perfect heat condition – Metal roofing can reflect any radiant heat from the sun. This is something that assists in cutting down any midday heat gain. This is something that translates to something else. This something else is being able to save on energy for air conditioning being used during the day.


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Zoom on business cards with rounded corners

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For each professional, the business card is a mandatory tool: it is a reflection of your company image you want to convey to your various clients and suppliers.

For this reason, it has to be spotless!

Are you stuck for inspiration for your new business cards? You are looking for something original and that will encourage your prospects to remember?

There are all types of business cards available on the market: standard, square, double… To stand out, you can opt for a card with rounded corners.

business-card-printing, printAs their “sisters”, rounded business card offer the same features when it comes to customization.

Indeed, depending on the desired effect, you can vary the type of paper and its thickness (up to 400 grams). The more your paper will be thick and more rounded corner business card will be rigid and “high-end”.

You can also choose a film coating that will protect, and give a soft-touch or glossy look, matte.

However, the rounded corner business card offers some advantages that other more «classical» business cards cannot provide.

First of all, its particular shape shows a certain elegance and originality of your part which reflects positively on your business image. Then rounded corners are handy when it comes to avoid the corners damaged after a few manipulations.

This form with rounded corners is not exclusively for business cards. Alternatively, you can choose it for another type of applications, for example, a reward card with rounded corners an original thank you map to pin on a bouquet, cling to a package. Even with this type of rounded shape you can create your own set of custom maps!

So, what are you waiting for you also take the plunge? Choose the small detail that makes the difference and choose a card with rounded corners.

The importance of finishing

The filming and touch of your business cards can provide additional benefits: protection of your documents, guaranteeing them a better life, a unique rendering (matte, shiny…) or even a particular soft touch.
Caution, filming does not allow the manual rewrite. If you want to add a comment on the card that you leave your contacts, consider leaving a face without lamination.

Matte lamination: it allows a “chic” matte rendering suitable for stylish documents or upscale sober. Namely: it very slightly darkens the colors used on the business card.

Gloss lamination: brilliant, it gives a particularly special appearance to your documents in raising the colors (it also slightly dark). It is ideal to enhance a photo.

Satin Coating: invisible, it serves mainly to protect your document. It guarantees the absence of fingerprints (which may be visible on dark backgrounds, particularly with a matte lamination) or scratches.

Soft Touch Coating: thicker that the matte or gloss Over laminates, it allows you to get a touch softer, more velvety said “peach skin.”

Need some advice? Ask your agency examples of laminated cards, so you can choose the finish that suits you. You can also opt for custom-made as selective varnish finishes or the hot foil stamping. Check us out www.dxprintingperth.com.au/our-products/business-cards/!

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Five good reasons to have a website for your business

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Need good reasons to have a website? In the light of the 33% of businesses have no web page, Yes.

Considered an expense for many firms conscious of their budget, and especially due to lack of knowledge on the subject, many small businesses refuse a storefront page. No fatal error!

At a time when a website becomes inevitable and requires less little investment and knowledge, here are five good reasons, if it were needed, to have your web page.

1. A profitable investment

Business manThe first reason is that having a website is also pricier than before. Without the necessary computer skills, you need more to pay a webmaster to take care of your site. A multitude of software offer to create your own web page in all simplicity, and at a lower cost, or even free! Moreover, even by investing a little for a larger site, you quickly enter your expenses through the generated additional sales.

2. More than credibility

At a time where everything happens on the Internet, most of your prospects will do a quick search on Google to learn more about you. A lack of site may be risky. A web page is thus transparency, and therefore confidence. Moreover, then the prospects are likely to find your competitors, that they have a site.

3. An online Business card

business guru interviewMoreover, if everything goes on the web, everyone still likes to have a point of contact. An email address, and if possible a telephone number is involved to keep a human aspect. Besides a web page does not need to be ultra developed, but it is important to have at least a page with the contact points. It is important to remember that persons with the phonebook are rare!

4. Advertize 24

Imagine! Your customers can learn about your products and services at any time of the day, and you do not even need to be there!

5. A way to better understand your customers and prospects

Even better than the discussion face to face? Maybe not… However, more than what you think. With free analysis tools provided by Google, you can get valuable as information: instead of your visitors, the origin of the visits, the result of any pubs on Google, the time spent on your site and more.

An insight into project management certifications?

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Project management australia

In one of the groups that I am registered in Linkedin, the project management group, there is a very entertaining debate that incidentally has enhanced its capabilities in a very substantive way the last few months. The million-dollar question is the PM certification that would add or no value? Even in some forums discussed with respect to its assessment facing MBA and project management certification in Australia.

Throughout the course, the student will see the following subjects, distributed weekly:

save on time and budgetFundamentals: the participant needs to contact with different terms and concepts which will provide an overview of the innovative project management fundamentals, and understanding of the basic concepts used.

Professional Ethics: it is the code of professional ethics of the PMI, which must comply with all project management professional: legal, ethical and professional behaviour relationship of domain of professional responsibility and the 10 areas of knowledge in the Guide, code of conduct and culturally sensitive in the direction of international projects.

Integration: The integration area develops the integration of the project, which has as main objective identificar, define, combine unificar and coordinate the various processes and project management activities.

Scope: project manager needs to know and understand the processes required to ensure success, without unnecessary work efforts. It is also your task define and control the contingencies arising during the life cycle of the same. Planning, definition and verification of the scope, as well as the change control are fundamental tools for the success of the project.

Time: meet the agreed deadlines is one of the main challenges of the project managers. The participant will be able to know the processes and tools to ensure the completion of the project at the established times and with the level of quality required by the organization.

Costs: a very common problem in project management is the breach of the budget of costs. Here are the tools necessary to ensure the completion of the project within the approved budget. Include planning resources, estimate of costs, monitor the results, and knowledge of the economic variables used in the processes involved.

Quality: many of the challenges of managing projects are linked to the scope of the expectations of internal and external customers. For this reason, each project must be designed and managed to meet those expectations in full. Here discuss the quality planning tools, control processes, analysis of deviations and the strategies of recovery that they must be used throughout the project.

Human resources: the ability to lead, motivate and organize human resources is essential for the success of a project. Here we will develop all the issues linked to the management of human resources, such as planning of the Organization, the allocation of roles and responsibilities, the formation of the team, motivation, leadership and conflict resolution.

Communications: every successful organization must have channels of communication that enable information flow between different actors. This communication must comply with the minimum quality requirements for receipt and understanding of the message. The importance of having a communications plan; the ways in which distributed the information; the analysis of progress reports and the information that must be shared with internal and external customers are part of this module.

Area concerned: the last area of knowledge included in the standard, in order to ensure an appropriate level of participation of stakeholders in the decision making and project activities.

Risk: in any project, identify, evaluate, analyze, and respond to threats represents one of the biggest challenges, where it is important to maximize the positive effects and, in parallel, to minimize the negative effects. Risk management allows us to expand the possibilities of success.

Acquisitions: most of the projects includes processes for the purchase of goods or procurement of services, as well as administration of the terms and conditions of contracts and completion. Here are the processes most commonly used in the management of acquisitions, including planning, request for proposals, the selection of contractors and suppliers, contracts management and the completion thereof.

If you want to know more on the topic, please visit this webpage

Okay, How Much is your House worth? The Vegas Method for Real Estate Valuation

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Perhaps not the best time, but you have decided to sell a House. Alternatively, you are on the other side, considering you buy one. Maybe only chop you curiosity to know as soon as you assess the market your home. Moreover, that is the big question that many are made.

What is today the target price of a given Perth property?

real estate valuesThe truth is that the traditional pricing method based on the comparison with recent transactions of sale of properties similar to yours does not work: the market is stuck, just across operations and probably don’t have any reference. Similar properties offer prices will not serve. Take a look at Trulia, Zillow, or the real estate portal of your choice and you will observe that the sales prices do not reflect still fit that market has suffered during the last three-four years. The actual amount of the scarce sales operations that cross bit has to do with figures that they are published.

What to do then?

Even with the difficult situation facing the real estate market of sale (or why) segment of rental housing seems to enjoy better health. Take it to, a splitting of rental prices, much more dynamic today than the sale, get the value of the sale of our home.

The idea is simple: known the rental price of a house similar to ours (in location, size, age, general State, finishes, equipment, etc.) and given a rate of reasonable profit payable to rent on the property value, the value is immediate.

With current rates and CPI rates, a prudent return for our calculations should be at least 4% – 6%. The equation must also include those minimal costs associated with the ownership of the property for rent: expenses of the community, IBI, insurance, etc. To not complicate the scenario, we will assume that all these factors undermine the profitability of the operation 1%.

With all of this, a couple of multiplications and reach an extremely simple equation that gives us the value of buying and selling of our property from the amount that would be obtained with your rental.

To know more on the topic, visit the website of real estate valuers in Perth

Three Models of Online Business that you can start Today

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Everywhere we hear about the “thousands of opportunities” to make money on the Internet. Having an online business became the dream of many entrepreneurs, but there are people who do not even know where to start.

Actually can you make money on the Internet? From how? What is needed for the web? How much should I invest? In how much time is my online business profitable?

Signing the right dealThis post aims to dispel some of the previous questions, which are common when it comes to taking on the Internet. We are going to see three business models online; we need to start them, tools and some key points to keep in mind to get started your business in Internet.

Digital content creation


It consists of creating digital content (articles, photographs, videos, graphics, etc) to build then a community around this content. The idea is that many people have access to such content to take then that community.

This business model is used by bloggers, YouTubers and everyone who has something interesting and sexy to share with the whole world.

All the fun, educational, informational videos, blogs, and others are part of the digital content industry.

How you make money in this business?: once you have many people accessing your content, monetize forms are different: advertising, affiliates, info product sales, offer some free content and charge for access to content premium, subscription, etc.

What is needed to start this business?

Content channel: website, blog, video channel or platform that allows you to create and publish content on the Internet.

Domain and Hosting: applies only if you create your content channel. There are platforms (blogger, youtube) that allow you to have online content without the need of hiring services of hosting and domain.

Content: It is the most important element. You must focus on a theme in which you can generate many contents. Choose a topic that you are passionate about and you will thus be easier to create valuable content.

Tools to create and publish digital content: Blogger, Youtube, 1 & 1, WordPress, Vimeo.

Whether you start this business in an own channel or a platform, please register the domain of your business and have a web page as the heart of your strategy. Creating a website is not as difficult, as shown in this website currently there are free solutions intended for people with little knowledge of design and programming.

Social networks are an excellent tool for publicizing the contents that we generate.

The key to this business is to build a great community around your content, as well that can spend a good time before the start to be profitable. Early will have to invest much time in generating content and create community, but as you go grow, the results will be rewarding.

Find the 10 best places to start a business in the US Here



ecommerce online CMS ShopifyIt consists of performing sales transactions through electronic means. Although the sale is made in a digital environment, the reality is that this is more than one logistics business in which efficiency in terms of sourcing and distribution will be key to the success.

This business model is not very difficult to understand: there is a seller, a buyer, a product and a platform in which the transaction is performed.

How you make money in this business?: the source of income is selling.

What is needed to start this business?

A product: it is true that on the Internet sold everything, is key to having a product whose cost of distribution does not impact the price of the same to the extent that ceases to be attractive for the market.

Market: Over the Internet you can have customers all over the world, but when it comes to ecommerce you need to select with detail segment made which you are going to handle all of your strategies. Know your customers, how much cost you leave the product in your hands.

Ecommerce platform: it can be created for you or use a platform like eBay, eBay, etc. This is the space in which you will put your products and sales will be carried out.

Means of payment: you must have an efficient means to receive money. There are platforms that allow you to receive digital cash (Paypal, PagosOnline, etc.), but it is also important to offer options such as appropriations, turns, transfers, etc.

Media contact: not all your visitors are going to buy the first, for this is important have means of contact such as phone, email, chat, etc. to manage clients and boost their desire to purchase.

Tools for selling on the Internet: there are CMS especialized’s in e-commerce (Prestashop, Magento, open cart, etc), but there are also other options such as WordPress and Blogger that are well interesting for those who are starting on the web. We also have at our disposal platforms such as eBay, Amazon, eBay.

Not enough to attract many people to our business, ideally focus on attracting profitable customers, optimize conversion rates and retain each customer.



FreelancingIn this third business model product, you are yours. The idea is to promote your professional services via the web to get more and better clients.

Running this business person who possesses great knowledge or experience about an area, consultants, coaches, speakers, designers and professionals who provide services independently.

How you make money in this business?: Companies and individuals pay you for your time, your knowledge and your experience. Some freelance charge by the characteristics of the project and others for the time they devote to develop it.

What is needed to start this business?

Knowledge, talent or experience: the product is yours. You must be excellent at something.

The website is not necessary, but if it is highly recommended to have your website and accompany it with social media profiles in line with your personal brand. Everything you do for your personal branding, positioning you will allow to achieve more and better clients. In your web page, you can include your services professionals, media contact, and a sample of your work.

Tools for freelance online: If you decide to start this business must be very organized. It begins by using applications to manage clients and organize your time.

Applications for video calls (Skype, Google Hangouts, Google Help out) are very interesting. They allow you to serve customers anywhere in the world and at a lower cost, then it is worth you to consider them.

Also, there are platforms for freelance (Nubelo, Genius) that you allow promoting your services and get to more customers.
Final reflections

Whatever the business that started on the Internet, you have to be very clear that not there are secrets for success; It is rather to be very disciplined, consistent and persistent, for this is essential that you undertake in an industry that you are passionate about. Making money online is possible, but you do not go with the mentality of “easy money, fast and without investing”.

You might want to watch this video if you are starting

What is a Business Mentor and Why You Could Benefit From Their Training?

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Everyone knows that there are several types of mentors: personal, professional, career, health, sports, nutritional and, also, the business mentors.

A Business Mentor can be described as a specialist in a particular subject or department or branch of activity. He usually has a fundamental characteristic that is the ability to share knowledge, information and experience. This information can add wisdom and benefits of a person or business who is hiring the coach and also be able to resolve any problems that the person or company might be facing. In addition, they must have excellent knowledge of management and planning, among others.

The problems and doubts can be issues faced in regards to the most diverse subjects, such as:

• cost,
• selling price
• formation,
• human resources,
• internal relations,
• accounting,
• economic and financial analysis,
• cash flow,
• management,
• strategic planning or finance,
• working capital,
• statistics,
• indicators, targets, objectives,
• business plan,
• feasibility study,
• organization chart,
• responsibilities,
• definitions of roles,
• brand, logo, image,
• products,
• catalogues or brochures,
• advertising, marketing,
• general disorganization,
• files,
• logistics, shipping,
• training and/or motivation of employees

Moreover, many others that exist in any type of business or business sector.

grow your business with action coachWhen you hire a business mentor in Perth, the mentoring process can be accomplished through weekly meetings for example, and the main focus will be the resolution of problems (having already diagnosed the source of it) and preparing the members of the company to a new corporate vision, with a new positioning on the market.

This concept, born in the United States, arrived in Australia a short time ago but already is widely used by many companies. From small to large ones, and of all the branches of activity because, typically, business mentors brings excellent benefits for anyone who invests in the business development and professional training.

This differs from business consulting work as follows:

A professional business mentor will present options for resolving the problems to the partners of the company, so that they decide what is the best way to deal with an issue. The Mentor only advises, give suggestions or tips on how to solve the problem and what can be done once you have diagnosed it.

In the case of a business management consultant, the work is also similar to the mentor’s work. He guides the company to perform a comprehensive range of tasks, teaches how to work, does the planning, sometimes provides the best alternatives to evolution. He also integrates all employees the same to participate even with the training and integration of all in a team 100% committed to the goals and targets established.

One of the primary characteristics of work business Mentor is that there should be a synergy between the same and the contractor, a complicity, a mutual empathy, otherwise are fated to not get right. The trust, credibility, honesty, knowledge and experience are essential aspects of this partnership.

Our goal is to collaborate with your personal and professional development and, if you have any question or suggestion regarding a particular matter, feel free to contact me, I will gladly answer your questions.

Feel free to contact us and give us your opinion about it.
For business coaching services in Perth WA contact Suzzanne Laidlaw

A Few Tips to Be More Successful With Your Business Part 2

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This is the part 2 of last week’s article:

6 – Networking

The successful entrepreneurs have a great ability to develop profitable relationships. Participate in business events, conferences, seminars and use to interact with other entrepreneurs, with speakers, experts and people that you can learn, that you can support and that push you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

It is said there that “your income is the average of the 5 people that more you share your time”; then if you want to be successful, you must interact with people seeking success.

Create relationships that allow you to develop your potential as an entrepreneur to the maximum.

7. You are looking for a mentor

grow your businessThere are successful entrepreneurs, experienced and professional investors who love to share their knowledge and experiences. Looking for a person who is where your you want to be and begins to interact with it. You can learn a lot from these persons.

If you can’t find a mentor in your region, then leverages social networks and keep in touch with that person you admire and that inspires you. Not give you fear of writing an email or a tweet to experts. Ask for advice and safe you write that of every 50 experts, get response of 2.

8. Jump into the market and interact with customers

One of the main reasons why entrepreneurs think it over and over again before starting his company, is because they feel that their product is not ready to start selling it and prefer to continue working on it to create “the perfect product”. The reality is that there is no perfect product.

Best to jump into the market and start to interact with customers so they give you feedback and valuable information allowing you to further develop your product needs and give your customers real.

It develops a Viable minimum product that allows you to enter the market and validate it. Defines today what are the essential features of your product and put an initial launch date to test it with some real customers, from there you can continue building your product in the hands of your customers. Nothing sacks with creating a “perfect product”, if in the end customers are not interested in buying it.

9 Leverages technology

This is a tip that will help you to significantly reduce the initial investment and the costs of your business. On the web you will find many applications and tools, some free and others at very affordable prices that allow you to manage your business, make marketing of low-cost, organize your time, manage finances, etc.

Here have shared it dozens of business tools that are helpful for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. Review and use those that allow you to be more efficient and reduce costs.

To finish, I would like to say that no matter how much you know about what you do, as an entrepreneur, you must always be willing to learn new things. Donald Trump says: “Learn all you can about what you’re doing”.

I hope that these 10 tips will help you launch your venture and already wish you much success. Remember to leave your comments and contributions on the subject :)

A Few Tips to Be More Successful With Your Business Part 1

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Action Plan for your business

The decision is not easy to make. We sometimes don’t feel ready, it gives us fear at the start because there are many things that we know, we do not know if our product is going to sell. Many things are that make us think twice before throwing us to create a company.

If your new year’s resolutions are to start your own business but don’t know where to start, then these tips will be of great help :)

Each of these tips aims to help you organize your ideas and provide you with a number of key points that allow you to focus and feel more secure at the time of launch. Starts from today to put them into practice.

1 – You stop thinking about what you lack and begins to work with what you have

Usually, when we are going to start a company, we get to set all that we need to start and suddenly realize that don’t have the resources to get started. Sure to build the business so much you’ve dreamed of you need a local, marketing, money, employees, furniture, machinery, equipment.

Discussing projectNow the reason that prevents you to start your business is the lack of resources, means that you are focusing on what you need and not what you have. Changes the approach of “I need this” to start my business to “What can I do today, with the resources that I have to start my business?”. You will be surprised of all the opportunities that your mind can generate when you challenge her with questions of this type, do not believe me? Look at the result of the problem of the $6 and 2 hours to make money.

Give a look to your surroundings and identifies everything you need to start your business: talent, knowledge, people, furniture, physical spaces, equipment, etc. Once done, put your mind to work on how take advantage of every resource that you have available to you. It is a great challenge, but if you dedicate time sufficient insurance you’ll achieve it.

2 – Join other entrepreneurs and network as much as you can

Teamwork is not easy, and even less when we are going to take and it is so difficult to find people who understand us and are just as committed and passionate as us. If you asked me today what is most important to build a successful business, no doubt my answer is: having a winning team.

What a winning team? It is a group of people with multidisciplinary and complementary profiles that share passions, ideals and goals and working in interdependent way.

Do not look only at the talent. Find people with values that are willing to give that extra effort that makes the difference in the business world.

3 – Focus!

It is common as entrepreneurs see opportunities everywhere, but it is essential that you decide you to one single thing that you are passionate about enough to devote all your time, effort and energy.

There is a technique proposed by Robin Sharma which is called “the plan of 90/90” which consists of devote 80 minutes a day in the mornings for 90 days at a target that we want to achieve. It is a matter of focus and discipline. Get your 90 day plan for one of the many business ideas you have, and every day, without excuse, spend your time and energy in the mornings to develop.

4. Set goals and write them down

It is not enough to want things. Love is not power; Love is the first step to power. It turns your wishes and dreams into goals and plans that motivate you to take action.

Write your goals. It is proven that when you write your goals, increase the possibilities of that significantly fulfill them. Write or draw your goals will create a commitment with them.

5 – Set a work schedule

Once you have clear what your goals are, you will be easier to organize your time in such a way that every day you work to achieve them.

The idea of this schedule is to help you to be very organized and disciplined in the management of your time. There is nothing more unproductive waking each morning without having clear what are you doing.

In your work schedule includes spaces to interact with other entrepreneurs and get trained, I assure you that the time you spend on both activities will allow you to grow enormously as an entrepreneur.

How much money can you generate with a mobile application?

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You probably use a lot of free applications and very few paid ones. The majority of the people will first look for free applications before considering an alternative to payment. Some applications are popular and addictive, but the creators are yet to win real money from what they have developed. It is really hard to earn real money from mobile applications. If you get the right business model and the application is quite addictive, you will make consistent profits over time.

I agree that the Angry Bird app was free download, but it was still generating income of up to 30,000 U$ S a day. The game does not depend on the purchase of the application to generate revenue, but it makes money for the advertising within the app. Even when the developer of the app eliminated it from the App Store due to the addictive, the game continued generating money with ad impressions.

Another case is that of Slotomania, an application of free slots, where offered free bonus feature and earned money with purchases that were made within the application. Users also have the opportunity to win prizes free as they are progressing in the game. However, the truth is that only you can win significant money with advertising if you have a large number of users.

The three ways used by developers to generate money with mobile applications.

If you got a good idea to develop a mobile application, it is important to think about the type of model you are going to implement from the beginning. That way you will know in focus when you are ready to monetize. Even if you are offering your application for free, it is worth that you spend some time to find business models that can be implemented in the future.

1 Free Model

The free model is probably the most popular model both for web developers as mobile. It describes a business model where you give a basic product for free and try to up sell for additional features or more functionalities. It is the practice of giving your app or game for free and earn money through purchases in the application or ad impressions. Freemium accounts represent more than 71% of the Apple AppStore revenues in the United States, compared with around 50%. In Asia, the freemium model represents 90% of the revenue from App Store. With a large user base, you always can answer questions about the purchase of ads in the app if you use the freemium model from the beginning. When the scope is important for you and you need large amount of users in a quick way to create network effects, you should opt for the freemium option.

As annoying as they can be, the free apps supported by ads are also popular among application developers. Advertising-funded applications usually include banners or video ads running during the breaks or just below the application. The ads tend to have a negative impact on retention of application since users tend to leave rather than see a video.

2 Premium (or paid applications)

Premium applications you can download to a minimum price. This model is used by some of the biggest names in the market. Some applications have always been of high quality, but they are still very popular among a specific target audience. Future updates of premium applications are free once purchased. You should consider the use of the Premium model if you got an enormous demand for your application or if you have an already established strong brand. You can establish trust with users that are willing to pay before you download the app. If the cost of maintaining a user also is high or hard to maintain and can persuade your audience to contribute with a small fee in advance before downloading, this model can be adjusted perfectly.

3 The subscription model

Application development can get you a lot of cashA guarantee for future transactions. A subscription provides a guarantee of repeated operations. It is usually a minimum fee paid either monthly or annual. The commitments in the long term for your application for many users can create a good business for you. The problem has always been to convince users that the value that will get your application is justified in the price that they will pay either monthly or annual.

What is an ideal model?

There’s no good or bad model. It depends on many factors, such as vision, the type of application, industry, market and probably the competition.